Innovative concept of Shower Heat Recovery

Zypho don’t let the heat go down the drain!
What is a Shower<br />Heat Recovery?

What is a Shower
Heat Recovery?

Zypho shower heat recovery is a system which is installed under the shower tray to recover the heat from the drain water to pre-heat the clean cold shower water  for immediate usage.

How much Energy and<br />Money I SAVE with ZYPHO?

How much Energy and
Money I SAVE with ZYPHO?

The ZYPHO compact and highly efficient heat exchanger gives  you a pay-back of less than 2 years through savings on the energy bill.

What kind of buildings is<br /> ZYPHO suitable for?

What kind of buildings is
ZYPHO suitable for?

Domestic bathrooms; Hotels and other accommodations; Swimming pools and Spas; Gyms and other sport facilities; Other shower rooms (e.g. Industries, etc)


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